5 Cat Products We Couldn't Live Without - A Must Have Guide for Cat Lovers!

 If you are a cat lover, you will certainly relate to this article. We love our kitties so much that we don’t mind spending the extra money to make sure that they are happy and comfortable at all times. If you find yourself nodding along in agreement with this statement, then this article was written with you in mind! Here, you will find the best cat products that help keep your cats healthy and happy, while also saving you money! Let’s get started! 

5 Cat Products We Couldn't Live Without - A Must Have Guide for Cat Lovers!

1) The Best Litter Boxes 

The Best Litter Boxes - Best cat products

When it comes to litter boxes, there are a few things you'll want to consider. First, think about the size of your cat and where you'll be placing the litter box. You'll also want to decide whether you want a covered or uncovered box. And finally, think about what type of litter you'll be using. Once you've considered all of these factors, you can narrow down your options and choose the best litter box for your cat. Here are some of our favorites. 

2) Best Bowls For Food And Water 

Best Bowls For Food And Water - Best cat products

  • Cats are creatures of habit and like to have their food and water in the same place. 
  • A good bowl should be sturdy, easy to clean, and big enough for your cat to eat and drink comfortably. 
  • Some bowls come with a raised edge, which can help prevent your cat from making a mess. 
  • If you have more than one cat, you'll need a bowl for each of them. 
  • Water fountains are a great option for cats who like to drink running water. 
  • Some bowls come with a lid or cover, which can be helpful if you have a messy eater. 
  • Stainless steel is often seen as the best material for a cat bowl because it's durable, dishwasher safe, and doesn't absorb odors. 
  • For multiple cats, it's important to get bowls that are large enough so they don't fight over food or space while eating. 
  • Plastic is also an excellent material because it's affordable and lightweight. 
  • The most important thing is to find what works best for your cat--just remember to check on them every once in a while (they might need some encouragement) when switching things up! 
  • Not sure what size will work best? Our top tip is always to measure out where you plan on placing your bowl before purchasing one so you know how much space there will be available around it. 

3) Essential Scratching Posts 

Essential Scratching Posts - Best cat products

A good scratching post is essential for any cat lover. Not only do they help keep your furniture and carpets looking new, but they also provide your kitty with a much-needed outlet for their natural scratching instincts. Plus, they're just plain fun to watch them use! Here are five of our favorites. If you have a favorite that's not on this list, let us know in the comments below! 
  • Paws & Claws The Ultimate Scratching Post: One of the tallest scratch posts on the market, The Ultimate Scratching Post has a sturdy construction that can hold up to 150 pounds! It comes in three colors and six sizes ranging from small to extra large. 
  • SmartCat Senses Wide Cardboard Cat Scratcher: As soon as you take it out of the box, SmartCat Senses' scratcher will be an instant hit with your kitty thanks to its fresh scents of coriander oil and lavender (no litter needed). It can easily accommodate two cats at once because it's over two feet wide--it's even perfect for multiple breeds like Maine Coons and Bengals who need more space! Plus, it never looks dirty because there's no exposed foam to collect dirt and hair. 
  • PetFusion Jumbo Cat Scratcher Lounge: PetFusion wants all their customers to get maximum enjoyment out of this product so they included a free bag of 100% organic corrugated cardboard pieces inside the package so you can start building right away! What sets PetFusion apart from other scratchers is that theirs come pre-assembled so you don't have to worry about trying to put it together yourself or having crooked corners. And when it needs cleaning, simply wipe it down with a damp cloth. 
  • Radiator Cooling Tower by Petsfit: Cats love climbing around on cool surfaces like Radiator Cooling Towers by Petsfit! Available in four different sizes, these towers keep your pets feeling comfortable and entertained during those hot summer months. You'll appreciate how easy it is to assemble these towers too; all you have to do is place them where you want them and fill up the water reservoir with cold water from the tap. You'll love how easy these towers are to clean too; just wipe down the surface after use or hose off before refilling again. 
  • Tidy Trails Mat: Keep your floors clean with Purina Tidy Trails! These mats trap dirt, debris, hair, and sand so there's no more sweeping or vacuuming needed afterward! 

4) Best Toys For Cats 

Best Toys For Cats - Best cat products

Cats love to play, and there are a ton of different toys on the market that can keep them entertained. But with so many options, it can be hard to know which ones are worth the money. 
  • If you’re looking for interactive toys, you might want to try out some fishing pole toys or laser pointers. These interactive cat toys will allow your cat(s) an outlet for their hunting and stalking instincts in a non-threatening way. 
  • For something simple but fun, check out treat balls or wand toys! Cats tend to enjoy chasing wands around as they dangle from strings just out of reach from their paws; treat balls will challenge your kitty's brain as she works hard to get her reward—the hidden treats inside! 
  • There are also plenty of other toys designed specifically for hunting prey like mice or birds, so if your cat seems particularly interested in those types of animals, you may want to give these types of toys a shot.
  •  And lastly, we recommend trying out puzzle feeders! They work by forcing your cat to work for his food by navigating through twists and turns before he can access his meal (and all this is done without any mess). It's perfect if you're tired of always having to clean up after the kitty at feeding time. 

Here are five of the best toys for cats, based on our experience:


5) Best Beds For Cats 

Best Beds For Cats - Best cat products

If you want your cat to be comfortable, you need to get them a bed that meets their needs. Cats like to have a place to hide away and feel safe, so a bed with high sides or a hood is ideal. Some beds even come with features like heated pads or massage functions to help your kitty relax. When it comes to material, most cats prefer soft fabrics like velvet or fleece. And of course, you'll want to make sure the bed is big enough for your cat to stretch out in. You should also consider getting two beds if you have more than one feline friend, as cats are known to enjoy the company of other felines. 


We hope you enjoyed our guide to the 5 cat products we couldn't live without. Cats are such special creatures and they deserve the very best that we can give them. With these must-have products, you will be able to provide your cat with everything they need to stay happy and healthy.
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