Best Fetch Toys For Dogs

 If your dog is a fan of fetch, you know that it can be a lot of fun. It's also a great way to spend time with your pet and bond with them in a way that's healthy for both of you. But if your dog likes to play fetch but doesn't have any toys at home or outside, then this section is for them! We'll show you some great options for fetch toys so that whenever your pup wants to go on an adventure together, they'll have plenty of options available—and hopefully find something they like!

Best Fetch Toys For Dogs

1) Chuckit! Ultra Ball Dog Toy

Chuckit! Ultra Ball Dog Toy - Best Fetch Toys For Dogs

This ball is made of plastic, but it's also really durable. It's great for outdoor play as well as indoor and even water play because it floats! The shape makes it easy to throw, which means you'll be able to get your dog trained in this game quickly. They can use it for games of fetch or tugging; they'll love chasing after the ball whenever they see one flying around on land or at sea!

2) Hyper Pet Flippy Flopper

Hyper Pet Flippy Flopper - Best Fetch Toys For Dogs

The Hyper Pet Flippy Flopper is made from soft, durable EVA foam that's lightweight and easy to throw. Your dog will love the fun shape of this toy—it's fun for dogs of all sizes because it floats in water! This fetch toy comes in several colors, including blue and green.

The Flippy Flopper has a long handle for easy throwing, but it also doubles as a squeaker inside so your pup can play with that too!

3) Jolly Pets Large Soccer Ball

Jolly Pets Large Soccer Ball - Best Fetch Toys For Dogs

The Jolly Pets Large Soccer Ball is a durable rubber ball that can be used in water. It's got a squeaker inside, so your dog will be able to play with it even if he doesn't have any other toys nearby. The size of this fetch toy allows it to be used by puppies and dogs of all sizes, making it one of our best picks for small breeds and their owners!

4) West Paw Zogoflex Bumi

West Paw Zogoflex Bumi - Best Fetch Toys For Dogs

The West Paw Zogoflex Bumi is made from a non-toxic, recyclable, BPA-free, and FDA-compliant material that's suitable for all dogs. It comes in three sizes: Small (4 inches long), Medium (5 inches long), or Large (6 inches long). You can use it as a fetch toy or play tug with your dog. The material is also dishwasher safe so when you're done playing with it it won't smell like anything unpleasant.

5) Jolly Pets Push-n-Play Ball

Jolly Pets Push-n-Play Ball - Best Fetch Toys For Dogs

The Jolly Pets Push-n-Play Ball is a great choice for any pet who loves to play fetch. It's made of rubber, so it's durable and won't break or shatter when dropped or thrown by your dog. The ball is designed with holes on one side so you can thread it through your dog's collar if he likes to tug on his leash while running around outside. This toy also makes an excellent chew toy for teething puppies and older dogs that need something softer than rawhide bones.
If you want to use the ball for playing catch with your dog (or just throw it around in general), check out our article about how to play catch with dogs!

6) Chuckit! Classic Ball Launcher

Chuckit! Classic Ball Launcher - Best Fetch Toys For Dogs

The Chuckit! Classic Ball Launcher is a great way to get your dog to play fetch, and it's especially effective if you have a bigger dog who can get the ball out of the launcher. The Chuckit! Classic Ball Launcher launches balls up to 100 feet, so you don't need an enormous field or lots of room for this toy. It only takes two AAA batteries (not included) and has an easy-to-use launcher that requires no assembly whatsoever.

The Chuckit! Classic Ball Launcher comes with four brightly colored balls that are designed specifically for this toy: red, yellow, blue, and green. These colors will attract attention from your pet in any environment—from inside or outside on grassy fields (which is what I prefer).

7) West Paw Zogoflex Echo Zwig

West Paw Zogoflex Echo Zwig - Best Fetch Toys For Dogs

Zogoflex is a patented material that's made from recycled polyethylene terephthalate (PET) to produce an extremely durable, non-toxic, and recyclable product. It's perfect for indoor and outdoor play.

The West Paw Zogoflex Echo Zwig is a great option if you want your dog to have fun while playing fetch with you outdoors or in the yard on rainy days! The toy comes in three sizes: small (8" long), medium (12" long), and large (16"). There are also two different colors available - blue or green/yellow combo which make it easy to find whichever size fits best!

8) West Paw Zogoflex Jive

West Paw Zogoflex Jive - Best Fetch Toys For Dogs

The Zogoflex Jive is made from a strong, flexible, and durable material that's designed to withstand the wear and tear of your dog. It's dishwasher safe, so you can clean it easily after use.
The West Paw Zogoflex Jive has many uses besides fetching fun! You can use it as a tug toy or throw toy—and even freeze it for added enjoyment during cold weather! It comes in five different colors: blue, green, orange, purple, and red.

9) Pet Qwerks Talking Babble Ball

Pet Qwerks Talking Babble Ball - Best Fetch Toys For Dogs

This talking ball is a great option if your dog likes to swim. It's designed with an internal treat compartment, which means you can add treats right into the toy and give them to your pup while they play.
The Pet Qwerks Talking Babble Ball has several different modes of play: it can bounce or fall back down again; it squeaks when hit by water, and it makes noises when squeezed or thrown around. The toy also has a treat compartment that holds up to two cups of dog food!
If you're looking for something durable but still affordable, this is a perfect choice! It's made from non-toxic, BPA-free plastic so there's no worry about harmful chemicals leaching into your pet's mouth when he plays with this toy at home (or even outside). And since it comes in multiple sizes (including big ones), there'll be plenty of options available depending on how much space you want to share between him/herself/themselves...

10) West Paw Zogoflex Hurley

West Paw Zogoflex Hurley - Best Fetch Toys For Dogs

This dog toy is perfect for fetch and tug-of-war. The Zogoflex Hurley comes in three sizes, so you can find one that fits your pup's needs. It's made of non-toxic flexible material and is dishwasher safe, making it easy to clean when dirty or wet.

The Hurley floats on water, which makes it ideal for playing in the pool during summertime! And if your pup likes to play fetch but doesn't like getting wet (or even if he does), this toy will keep him entertained while keeping his coat shiny and clean!


We hope you've found a toy that will give you and your dog hours of playtime. The best part is that most toys are durable and easy to clean, so you can keep them out in the yard or on the porch without worrying about mold or mildew.


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